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The SONIC excels in performance, offering powerful lift and incredible hangtime. Pilot a light and streamlined design that maximizes airflow and minimizes drag. The kite slices through the air with minimal resistance, enhancing agility, speed, and responsiveness. Predictable in rough conditions to cover a wide wind range for advanced riders pushing limits to shatter records. Brace yourself for unparalleled acceleration, adrenaline-fueled adventures, and insane boosting capacity!

Big Air



Closed-Cell Foil KiteIntermediate +6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 15 / 18

WIDE WIND RANGEThe SONIC is engineered to perform exceptionally well across various wind conditions. Whether you're kiting in light breezes or strong gusts, it maintains its shape, responsiveness, and efficiency. The enormous depower minimizes risks and ensures you can confidently push the limit in changing weather conditions and terrain. The kite features a sophisticated bridle system and refined canopy profiles to ensure it flies consistently smooth.

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