The best of two Worlds, Alex Soto Edition, Freestyle

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The absolute Freestyle-machine Alex Soto Edition is for Bigair and Freestyle maneuvers.

The best of two worlds: Foil and Freestyle combined!

It is incredibly strong and durable while also being extremely light.

This was achieved by our bionic inspired Cnc shaped Paulownia Cores for ultimate strength to weight ratio.

This shorter Version of Fritziflitzer is especially made in cooperation with Alex Soto. It turns really fast and it is long enough to land without stucking the Nose.

Landing those big jumps has never been easier.

The narrow design allows maximum control in high speeds and the bevels are carefully designed to let you ride in the lowest possible angles. Brandnew Design!!

You can choose your color or keep it simple....

The Foiltracksposition allows to ride fast Foils.


2700 gr.

115 x 38 x 3,0 cm

13 cm Noserocker

US Box 90mm distance

V-Straps Setup

ultramatt finish